Will The Dubuc Tomahawk Canada’s Tesla Killer?

By brian on February 1, 2016

If you want a sport car without investing much then Dubuc Tomahawk is the best answer. Also if you are nature lovers then Dubuc Tomahawk will fulfill your dream with its Green driving as its fuel is electricity. When having a nice car make sure your Roofer Long Island is also nice

Dubuc SLC, a Canadian-based company became the first Canadian auto maker of electric vehicles with its first sport car design, Tomahawk. A super stunning, eye-popping so stunning your kids will need Kids Eyeglass NYC, high-performance sport car that you’ll never have to take to the filling station.

Dubuc claims the new Tomahawk performance specs will rival any exotic car on the road including 0 to 60 mph in just 3 seconds and a top speed is 160 mph.

The Tomahawk is manufactured with light weight all-aluminum body making its curb weight at approximately 2200 pounds (1000 kgs) when fully equipped with all mechanical goodies.

Dubuc realizes its audience will be mostly men and equipped the Tomahawk with awesome components like doors that open at a angle of 75-degree and a see-through Targa roof. Complete mechanical body and frame kit are offered approx $29,000.

Dubuc Tomohawk aims to release its model in market for sale in 2017 for those customers who place refundable $5,000 deposits now. It will be a 2 +2 sport car and Start-up claims that the architecture of the car is highly scalable and could be easily used for taxi or personal utilities.